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Welcome to official homepage of Kristjan!

Kristjan is an independent Estonian/Latvian rapper who is specialized in deep conscious lyrical content that flows over chill mellow old school beats. If you love 90ties hip hop sound then what you are about to witness is an EARGASM!!

Below you can hear some examples of Kristjan’s music


The team

Basically behind Kristjan’s music there is a 2 people team:

Kristjan himself


IMG_1693In Latvia living Estonian/Latvian rapper .However if you decide to call him a Latvian rapper it wouldn’t be quiet correct. Because Kristjan isn’t  part of a latvian hip hop scene This is because Kristjan got impression that Latvia is possessed by stereotype. That it doesn’t matter how good rapper is. But no no one  there has a right to rap in English. Unless he is born in US/UK or lived there for many years .So inspired by his parental roots he has chosen to base his local scene in Estonia.

Kristan say’s: “All the music I make is a result of a very long journey towards my goal.” Mainly focused on powerful deep lyrical content . Kristjan is a conscious rapper who was constantly told, that there is no way… That Latvian(whatever) who haven’t lived in English speaking countries. Will be able someday to rap in English properly. However thanks to discipline, persistence and hard work. Kristjan achieved success by developing unique style in 2012. After 2 years He even performed in London UK for British audience. Which gave very positive feedback. In 2015 he is about to release his first studio album “Reflection”




And his lovely wife and beatmaker LostLaura




Laura who is lost in beats.

Women that has made many guys jealous.   LostLaura is beautiful rare creature – extremely talented female hip hop producer and vocalist. Owner of beautiful soft sweet childish vocal. After a fail to pass Estonian idol in 2012. Which demanded a little  transformation in order to become a pop singer. She decided to stick to her roots. She focused on making mellow experimental hip hop beats where her natural vocal did fit in form of adlibs . Also she participates as a chorus singer in almost every Kristjan’s song. In both things she succeeded to make music. Which is able to impress most of the listeners.



So what’s on the website?



Here you can listen our music on Kristjanmusic music page There you will also have an access to unreleased tracks. 







Kristjanmusic podcast is almost like a radio show with a cool atmosphere that discusses everything that’s happening with Kristjanmusic. We release new episode each month





Here you will find information about our live performances… If you wanna spend good time with good music. Just be there!






If you have realized that Kristjan’s lyrics are awesome! Then here you will also find Kristjan’s song lyrics with annotations. Where meaning for particular lines is explained. This feature is powered by Rapgenius.







Even Kristjan is not dedicated to be a blogger. Time by time you can find here articles about music and life.

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