[Lyrics] Kristjan – Holding me back


[verse 1]

It could be tough,
It could be tough for a nice people
And you could be nice till the one moment,
When you realize
That your life is like a resource for a vampires
With desires to eat energy
Those People types that are low below
Down your elbow,
Down your knees,

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[Article] Your status versus your work quality.


Perhaps there is a still some naive people who believe that musician’s popularity is generated only by his talent. However, this idea would be acceptable in 90s in when we were ignorant enough to think that big corporations are taking good care of people...

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[Music] About song Kristjan – Holding me back

Song that my mom and many other people loves.

About song

Song for intelligent people which explains the importance of keeping around people who are equally smart as you. That’s why you might have heard stories about the arrogant Kristjan. :) Holding me back is lyrical combination of metaphors that...

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Kristjanmusic Podcast EP1

Very first episode of Kristjanmusic podcast where
@lostlauramusic92 and @Kristjanmusic is discussing everything they were involved in july… Slam Jam,Terve Fest,Ghetto wings and presenting some demos.

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[Live] Kristjan@ Tervefest in Estonia


On july 26 we will perform at Terve Fest 2014.  Which takes place Somewhere in Laane Virumaa Estonia.

This will be the first time we will be performing together with LostLaura.

So for a while we are preparing our self’s for this event

There will be no articles on kristjanmusic.com on July.

We will ...

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Lyrics for Kristjan – Im happy to be



I’m happy to be
Myself Myself

[1st Verse]

I maybe don’t know how to start this one
but I know,when you show up
my suspense is gone
You got this ability to balance me,
keep the rhythm keep the beat
in this flip through my channel,
My destiny,
this system of nature
Its brill...

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[Music] About song Kristjan – im Happy to be

Song that Everyone loves – I’m happy to be.

About the song

This is the song that almost everyone loves. Our song that reflects the mind state where everyone wants to be. That’s why many of you love it. Unique as unique anything can be...

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[Article] What makes rapper real

real hip hop

What makes a rapper real? It is the question that might be asked by every person who is related to rap music. It doesn’t matter whether as a listener, rapper, producer.

As a tradition in hip hop music we always have been trying to represent real...

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[Live] Kristjan live on 3rd july @ Slam Jam in London UK

big ben

This summer on July 3rd you will be able to see me performing live at Slam jam.
Which will take place in London UK.
Start at 7 pm in Finsbury park at Silver bullet(Just across the street from finsbury park tube station)





slam jam


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[Article] Nowadays. How realistic it is to be out of prison of pain?


So in the previous article I was discussing the prison of pain. I guess this article could make you sad because I believe there is a large chance that I did classify you as a prisoner. I have to admit I looked from very harsh perspective but nowadays it’s really hard to be out of this criteria...

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